6 Strange Businesses That You Did not Know While Already Existing

1.Squirrel Census

Do you want to learn more about squirrels? Specifically, do you want to learn more about the squirrels of Inman Park, Georgia? Pick up a copy of the latest squirrel census. The Squirrel Census organization tells stories of the gray squirrels in Inman Park, their fight for freedom from human suburbia, the jobs they do and their family lives. You can purchase copies of the latest census or buy t-shirts, beanies and other merchandise from the online store. Be sure to also sign the petition for squirrel representation in emojis.

2.Face Slapping Massage

an pay to be slapped in the face for several minutes in order to tighten your skin and remove wrinkles. However, the results aren’t permanent; you’ll have to go back to be slapped around some more. This type of massage, also known as face boxing, is popular in Thailand, but there is only one certified business in the United States, which is located in San Francisco. The company warns against fraudulent slappers who claim that they practice this “Thai wisdom.”

3.Reserve a Spot in Heaven

Yes, folks, this is real. You can purchase a place in heaven for you or a loved one through this website. The best part? If you don’t get into heaven, you’ll receive a full refund, though how the refund gets to you when you’re dead, the company has not disclosed.


Bob Barker spoke wise words when he encouraged everyone to spay and neuter their pets. But are your petsA really the same after they get snipped? If this is something you’re worried about, you can buy artificial testicular implants for your furry friends from Neuticles. The company claims that its implants will boost your pet’s self-esteem – because obviously, your pets are very concerned about their sudden lack of body parts and don’t want their animal friends to know that they’ve been under the knife.

5.Dirty Rotten Flowers

Bad breakup? Good sense of humor? Have enemies but you’re not quite ready to hire a hitman? Dirty Rotten Flowers is for you. This business sends bouquets of dead, rotting flowers to your not-loved ones. Just keep in mind that because you’re not sending fresh, live flowers, this person doesn’t get the opportunity to love something and then watch it die and feel guilty because they kill everything they touch; however, sending a rotten bouquet will send a clearer message.

6.Ugly Furnitures

You can purchase one-of-a-kind furniture through Ugly Furnitures. A group of guys who always wanted to own their own business chose to go into furniture-making, and they have come up with some truly creative (and handmade) pieces, all of which they claim are ugly. You won’t find quality like this anywhere else.